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Wamid launches a Meeting Platform “Liqaa”

Today, Wamid, the innovation arm of the Saudi Tadawul Group, announced the launch of “Liqaa”, a stakeholder meeting platform. "Liqaa" offers listed and non-listed companies, corporations and governmental entities a secure online platform to conduct hybrid meetings with a suite of services before, after and during meeting, including livestream, E-voting, translation, and Q&A services for AGM as well as earning calls and IPO meetings. 

The new platform “Liqaa” will help to facilitate a seamless hybrid meeting experience where audiences can participate irrespective of their physical location, while providing organizations with meaningful opportunities to engage with stakeholders on an intuitive platform.

The “Liqaa” platform is being released in partnership with Lumi, widely recognized as the leading global provider of AGM and stakeholder meeting technology.

Speaking on the launch, Mohammed Al Nory, CEO of Wamid said, “The launch of Liqaa marks another step in Wamid’s efforts to providing cutting edge technologies, transforming the way we do business in the region. Liqaa is a key addition to our suite of add-on products for listed and non-listed companies, corporations, and government entities. We look forward to providing this out to our customers in Saudi Arabia and beyond.”

Richard Taylor, CEO of Lumi said, “We are delighted to be supporting Wamid in its mission of enhancing the Saudi Capital Markets with best-in-class governance services and meetings technology. This partnership further cements Lumi’s position as the premium provider in the wider Middle East region. ”

Liqaa will help Wamid harness the power of technology and data to deliver value-add solutions to entities looking to benefit from interactive meetings without geographical constraints. The launch of Liqaa is the third milestone in Wamid’s growth strategy. In 2022, Wamid acquired DirectFN, a data solutions provider and in 2021, it launched a co-location service for members of the Saudi Exchange.

About Wamid

Wamid – part of Saudi Tadawul Group – is an innovation-focused company helping market players solve real-world challenges. Its unlimited potential will unlock the power of technology and data in the Saudi capital market, boost economic growth and contribute to the success of Vision 2030. Wamid adds depth and diversity to the Saudi Tadawul Group and its subsidiaries’ offerings, strengthening market infrastructure through innovative solutions and capturing inorganic expansion opportunities. It is focused on developing the Saudi capital market through innovation, disruptive ideas and bold new product, service and digitalization initiatives.

About Lumi

Lumi is the leading digital platform facilitating in-room, hybrid and virtual AGMs and investor meetings for the world’s largest corporations and membership organisations. It is the only platform that digitises the entire lifecycle of AGMs and investor meetings in a single solution that enables sophisticated meeting facilitation before, during and after the live meeting.

Based on proprietary, patented technology, Lumi provides software, hardware and services that assist registrars, Investor Relations Officers or event organizers to register delegates and provide live, secure polling, Q&A management services, and relevant reporting. Lumi operates in over 40 countries across Europe, APAC, The Middle East, Africa and the Americas.

Watch the signing ceremony video here

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