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Société Générale Securities Services Partnership

Société Générale Securities Services (SGSS) and Lumi have signed a partnership to ensure the continued provision of the tablet voting devices, alongside the introduction of new remote participation options for General Meetings in France.

SGSS, one of the leading issuer services providers in France, assisted Lumi to acquire the intellectual property, together with all of the associated AGM tablet voting devices that were developed by SGSS together with the Italian manufacturer, Feedback Italia.

Lumi will continue to provide SGSS with the in-room, tablet participation devices, now integrated into Lumi’s own platform thereby augmenting this solution with its market leading remote voting technology. This will allow issuers to run hybrid AGMs with both in-room and online shareholders participating and voting in real time.

Both parties are delighted that this partnership between 2 major providers of AGM solutions on the French market will not only ensure the continued provision of the tablets but also will offer issuers multiple options to deliver their Annual General Meeting.

Richard Roger, Director of Issuer Services at SGSS, said “Our partnership with Lumi, specialist providers of real time electronic voting at Annual General Meetings, makes it possible to maintain the delivery of tablet voting technology as part of our wider AGM offering to Issuers. The new functionality of real time remote participation for shareholders, a requirement for hybrid AGMs, also shows our continued innovation in this space”.

François Lenormand, Managing Director of Lumi France, added “This partnership continues to drive our global strategy, initiated in 2016, to diversify how shareholders can attend, participate and vote at Annual General Meetings, thereby making hybrid the norm. We are proud that SGSS chose Lumi to bring hybrid meeting technology to the French market, and we look forward to working with issuers to deliver even greater shareholder engagement”.

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