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Global AGM provider Lumi appoints corporate governance champion to support company’s rapid growth

Sabrina Paxton brings expertise in corporate governance to ensure good compliance and champion the shareholder voice

Lumi, the global specialist in delivering compliant shareholder and member Annual General Meetings, today announces a new Senior Customer Success Manager who will help businesses improve corporate governance whilst embracing technology innovation.

Sabrina Paxton, former Technical Advisor at the Chartered Governance Institute, joins the company’s team in South Africa to help Lumi’s customers bridge the gap between technology and compliance, allowing businesses to innovate and deliver smoothly run AGMs championing compliance and shareholder voice. Sabrina brings extensive experience working in the legal and corporate governance industry as an admitted attorney and other governance roles.

This new hire comes at an exciting time for Lumi. The first half of 2021 has been the busiest ever period for the company, with its team hosting over 2,600 virtual or hybrid meetings globally for more than 128,000 members, more than double the number of events and attendees from the same period in 2020.

Alongside this meteoric growth, some of the world’s largest companies, IR departments and governance professionals worldwide are navigating digital transformation and whether to hold meetings online or in a hybrid format, whilst also complying with complex corporate governance regulations. The synergistic rise of Lumi’s platform, alongside increased emphasis on corporate governance sets an exciting precedent for shareholder enfranchisement in 2022, as more companies put accessibility at the top of the agenda.

Richard Taylor, CEO of Lumi, comments: “Right now, championing outstanding corporate governance is more important than ever. Businesses and governance leaders have already lived through one of the greatest digital transformation challenges of our age, with industries virtually moving online overnight when the pandemic hit last year and governance professionals working to ensure the virtual world followed the same regulations as the physical.

“Digital transformation in governance is no longer just a temporary shift and moving into 2022, as companies begin to return to in person meetings, businesses worldwide need the support to manage changing regulations. With Sabrina’s extensive expertise, we'll be able to better help our clients meet the highest standard of corporate governance, whilst also making the most of new technological advances.”

Sabrina Paxton, Senior Customer Success Manager at Lumi, said: “Shareholders are more engaged than ever with the companies they invest in, which is why it’s such an exciting time to join the Lumi team. As the shape of AGMs continues to shift from in-person, to virtual, to hybrid, there’s a real opportunity to drive innovation with shareholders and governance at the heart. Corporate governance and the law go hand-in-hand and it’s important companies have the right support to stay abreast of regulations and engage with their shareholders more meaningfully.”

Lumi works with over 5,000 businesses around the world, including and all the FTSE100 such as BP, HSBC, EasyJet, IBM and Marks and Spencer, to deliver member and shareholder events with patented virtual AGM technology. The Lumi service delivers authenticated attendance, live polling and managed Q&A sessions for virtual and in-person AGMs, enabling organisations to run compliant meetings that improve transparency and standards of governance whilst increasing engagement from retail and institutional shareholders.

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