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IR Magazine | Best Practice Report: Building an IR strategy

Knowing what to plan in advance and where to allocate resources to get maximum impact – while maintaining the flexibility to respond to changing investor sentiment – needs careful consideration when you’re building your IR strategy.

IR Magazine speaks with inspiring IR professionals to discover how they devise, implement and measure their own strategies for success. They reveal how they foster long-lasting relationships with multiple stakeholders while factoring in post-pandemic virtual tools and preparing to adapt their company messaging in a time of economic uncertainty.

The key benefits an IRO will get from reading the report:

  • Consider the building blocks of your IR strategy
  • Read an IRO’s walk-through of his strategy process
  • Develop your stakeholder story, plan your messaging and align internally
  • Monitor markets and investor feedback and maximize the value of virtual
  • Showcase your progress, measure your success and stay nimble.

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