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GLOBAL MEMBER INSIGHT REPORT 2019 Online options would drive a 39% uplift in attendance

In a first of its kind study, Lumi Global has delved into members’ views about their associations. With key research conducted in association with YouGov, the whitepaper focuses on major markets across the United States, the United Kingdom, Singapore, South Africa, France and Australia.

This definitive survey of association members explored how engaged they are with their associations, what they want from them and what organizations can do to increase member involvement and engagement. The report will help educate organizations and their approach to annual meetings, with a current format that has remained relatively unchanged for generations. 

Research puts a spotlight on demographic differences, highlighting specific demands at gender, age and the type of organization level. 

Organizations need to acknowledge that they need income to survive, and given the increased expectations of today’s members, a digital option is becoming the norm. In the case of annual meetings, the absence of an online voting option is a huge shortcoming. Without this, members can’t engage, and with no engagement the feeling of good value for money declines. Organizations must ensure they remain relevant, with a fresh approach to annual meetings, especially with the changing demographics of many membership associations.

Technology will play a key role in the future of organizations annual meetings. Organizations need to act now and engage their members, in order to maximise retention rates. 

Some highlights include:

  • More than half of UK members have never attended an annual meeting, the most common reason being distance to travel
  • 47% of UK members said they would be more likely to take part in an online meeting


The whitepaper is now available for download here 

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