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Lumi Boosts Growth With New Partnership

Lumi is pleased to announce a new partnership with the NFGD, the Netherlands oldest creative audiovisual company.
The deal, which was delivered in under 6 weeks, means Lumi takes control of NFGD’s entire AGM client list and all related services, and also has an exclusive license to use NFGD’s high-end audio visual technologies across the 9 territories they currently operate in.
Lumi are widely recognised as the leading global provider of technology to facilitate the smooth running of AGMs and shareholder / membership meetings. With the development of their world-leading, proprietary AGM voting tech, Lumi are at the forefront of the debate around increasing shareholder engagement through the introduction of virtual and hybrid meetings.
François Hobma, CEO of NFGD, commented "We think this is an almost unbeatable combination with synergy, clear advantages and extra convenience for listed companies in the Netherlands for whom we can now easily take over the full-circle from organisation to production."

Computershare, a partner of Lumi in the Netherlands for many years will also play a part in this partnership in terms of AGM organization as well as its subsidiary Gerogeson’s shareholder communications business. In this multi-year agreement all parties have committed themselves to further developing the hybrid and virtual shareholder meeting concept. Kirsten van Rooijen, Managing Director of Computershare Netherlands, believes "By combining these three strong market players, whereby everyone retains their own focus, listed companies in the Netherlands will benefit and through this cooperation we expect further growth of hybrid meetings".
Richard Taylor, CEO of Lumi concluded "Partnerships are the core of our growth strategy in both our existing and new markets. We are always open to new ways in which we can increase market share and strengthen our proposition".

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