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Lumi revolutionises conference management with launch of Lumi Track

Lumi, the leader in real-time audience insight technology and solutions, today announces the launch of Lumi Track. This innovative delegate tracking solution gives meeting and event organisers the ability to check-in attendees, monitor their attendance and generate reports that offer insights into attendee behaviour.

Using radio frequency identification (RFID) and near field communication (NFC), Lumi Track dramatically speeds up the registration process for delegates with instant attendee authentication, tracking and reports. Attendees are checked-in and out of events using an NFC-enabled mobile phone or tablet. If the WiFi connection drops, a common occurrence at large-scale events, attendee data is saved on the device and uploaded immediately once the connection is restored, ensuring no data is lost.

Event organisers can view and monitor attendance in real-time from Lumi Track’s online dashboard, accessing it from any device with an internet connection. The live attendance reporting makes it easy for organisers to see when a room is nearing capacity. In addition to real-time analytics, Lumi Track provides organisers with in-depth reports that can be exported to Microsoft Excel.

Lumi Track works with multiple meeting and event formats, including AGMs, pharmaceutical and medical meetings, all of which are legally required to monitor and record attendance. The ability to quickly generate attendance reports, complete with entrance and exit timestamps, is making Lumi Track a much-desired solution which is already receiving considerable interest in the marketplace.

Speaking about its new Lumi Track product, CEO of Lumi, Richard Taylor, commented: “We’re excited about Lumi Track, which we believe will revolutionise the events space. There was unfulfilled demand in the marketplace for this solution, as event organisers found it difficult, if not impossible, to efficiently track, monitor and report attendance. Lumi Track answers these needs and returns control of events to organisers through a live, interactive and simple platform.

“We see Lumi Track as an evolving platform that will continue to improve as current functionality is optimised and new features are added that bring event organisers even more insight into their audiences.”

About Lumi

Lumi is a global market leader in real-time audience insight technology for research, live events, meetings and corporate communication. Operating from offices in twelve countries, Lumi’s core technologies and engaging mobile apps are used by hundreds of multinational corporations and their advisers to provide an unparalleled understanding of attitudes, opinion and behaviour in a dynamic and innovative way.

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