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Lumi Launches Meetoo to Revolutionize Meetings Through Live Polling and Messaging

  • Meetoo will save companies time and money as live polling allows instant decision-making
  • The cloud-based app will empower staff, making it possible for every employee to participate
  • The option to share opinions and comments anonymously promotes more honest feedback

Lumi, the leader in real-time audience insight technology and solutions, today announces the launch of Meetoo, a real-time polling and messaging app that enables collaboration from any location on any device. The new app is set to revolutionize meetings by providing a cloud-based platform that makes it easy for every attendee to participate, including the ability to share feedback anonymously.

Meetoo is the first app of its kind to provide real-time polling and messaging in meetings of 1,000 participants or more anywhere in the world, enabling them to communicate, collaborate and make instant decisions. Meetoo can be used in a number of scenarios, including internal meetings, virtual meetings, town halls, training sessions, classroom lectures, corporate meetings and multi-location meetings. Attendees can access Meetoo from any iOS or Android device, or use the mobile web on any web-enabled phone, tablet or computer.

Marking the end of traditional, one-way meetings with disengaged attendees, the global adoption of smartphones and Wi-Fi provided the opportunity to create a collaborative platform. Lumi’s new interactive meeting software is designed to allow organisers to gauge audience sentiment, answer questions or concerns and encourage colleague participation. It has already been successfully used by big international corporations such as PwC to help empower their workforce, brainstorm ideas and develop strategy.

Some of the key features of Meetoo include:

  • Live polling: create questions on-the-fly and collect immediate results allowing organisers to measure understanding and get answers that aid decision-making
  • Group chat: participants can share ideas, ‘like’ comments and communicate with each other through group messaging-saving time and the need for follow-up meetings
  • Moderation: ensures conversations remain on-topic to allow constructive outcomes and efficient use of company time
  • Q&A forum: outlet for participants from any location to ask questions–anonymously or using their identity—without embarrassment or the need to interrupt audio
  • PowerPoint add-in: presenters can create questions and poll attendees in the moment during their presentation, making it easy to adapt to the needs of the meeting
  • Multi-party access: join up to 1,000 people or more from across the globe in a single meeting
  • Immediate reporting: complete meeting data and narrative (including live polling results and participant messages) in a simple Excel feedback report

Speaking about Meetoo, CEO of Lumi, Richard Taylor, commented:

“I am incredibly excited about the launch of Meetoo. I am sure many will recognise the scenario of being on a frustrating call or webinar where there are too many participants to use audio effectively so everyone has to mute. What should be a multi-way interactive discussion then becomes a one-way broadcast. Meetoo enables people in disparate locations to feel as if they are a part of the same meeting, allowing everyone to get involved in a way that is manageable for the meeting organiser or presenter. It’s a great way to make a large meeting feel more like an effective small meeting.

“We have first-hand experience incorporating interactive technologies in the 3,000+ conferences we support every year. Now with the launch of Meetoo, we aim to improve the millions of meetings that occur every day. We have already trialled Meetoo with a number of international companies with great success. Customers were able to set up an online account in minutes and run the platform entirely themselves.”

Meint Waterlander, spokesman at PwC, commented, “We weren’t sure what to expect with Meetoo and were surprised by how interactive and exciting it made our meeting. Meetoo enabled over 1,100 PwC employees to participate during the meeting through live polling and messaging. Without Meetoo, it would have been impossible for us to collect and respond—in the moment—to the hundreds of comments and questions we received from attendees.”

Meetoo is available to trial for free at http://meetoo.io

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