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Lumi Delivers the World’s First Mobile Hybrid Voting Solution for Shareholder Meetings



Lumi, the global leader in real-time audience insight technology, delivered the world’s first hybrid shareholder meeting software at FloraHolland’s General Members’ Meeting on June 4 2015. The new solution adds mobile functionality to Lumi’s trusted and widely adopted shareholder meeting software which, since its commercial launch in 2003, has been relied upon by company chairmen to power meetings in 21 countries. As a long-term partner of the world’s leading registrars and transfer agents, Lumi’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) software is currently employed by 84 of the FTSE 100 and by more than 1,100 global companies, including many household names.

Lumi AGM Mobile has been designed to enable greater stakeholder communication and involvement. Mobile capability makes the processes at shareholder meetings more accessible and inclusive by providing stakeholders who are not physically present at an AGM with the ability to participate live, in real-time, alongside those attending in person.

Lumi’s new solution enables flexibility while still retaining the simplicity and security that shareholder meetings require. By deploying Lumi AGM Mobile, companies can make their shareholder meetings truly hybrid. No longer will shareholders be restricted to only paper ballots or keypads.

“Lumi’s new mobile solution is exciting because it significantly extends the size of the AGM market for us and firmly establishes Lumi as the leading provider of mobile AGM software” said Richard Taylor, CEO of Lumi. “People know that when running Lumi’s products in even the smallest of meetings, they can depend on the same robust technology that powers these often highly complex and mission-critical meetings.

Peter Otto, coordinator of member platforms at FloraHolland said, “We want to include as many of our 4,500 stakeholders as possible and Lumi AGM Mobile has let us to do just that. The software enabled us to hear the voice of our members that live abroad in real-time as the meeting happened – even those growers that attended the meeting in person in Ethiopia and Israel.”

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